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 Our Shooting Club is the only place in Saint Petersburg, where one can enjoy Practical shooting, Real Assault Trainings & Sport shooting.

We also have a strikeball stage for the lovers of soft pneumatic weapon.

If You want to check your combat skills we can offer you a boxing unit.

In summer time we use especially organized field for paintball games.

Real Assault Training -
(the R.A.T.) is a unic teaching course that consists of  shooting, combat and psychological trainings in order to be as close as possible to the reality of the street.
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Real Assault Trainings
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  Real Assault Trainings

The Real Assault Training technique taught in our club was inaccessible to civilians till 1998. Having studied statistics on criminal attacks on citizens and police, we sow that more than 85 % of armed attack occur on a distance less than 15 feet, and at a sudden attack at this distance even professionals have not enough time to take advantage of the weapon. Therefore the first skill becomes  not to shoot but to feel danger beforehand and to combine shooting with other protective actions. It is logical to assume, that attacks without the weapon always demand direct contact, i.e. the distance in the majority of criminal attacks will be MINIMAL. Except for that it becomes clear, that principles of weapon use on such distances are absolutely distinct from what are covered in classical textbooks and manuals where there are no answers to a question where shooting comes to an end and hand-to-hand fight starts, what is the role of protective movement and natural shelters. Principles of  weapon use on such distances are covered in our  R.A.T. (Real Assault Trainings). 

Ctiminal attacks are sudden and occure at any distances. It is necessary to be able to resist an attack at any distances. Even at a distance where one can not use his weapon.

The essence of R.A.T. trainings is as much as possible approaching to the reality of street criminal attacks.

Specially developed targets, simulators and exercises help us to reach this goal.

Combat skills for the street

The goal of Combat skills for police and armed civilians is to take an advantage of their weapon and stay alive rather then to just hit the rarget.

The Shooting CLUB Russia Saint - Petersburg

This is a unic and the only place in Saint Petersburg where one can enjoy shooting.

Shooting Gallery

Shooting gallery is especially organized for competitions in practical shooting and real assault trainings